Fontana Dam & Lake-shore Trail

If you’ve never been to Fontana Lake – it’s a must see! For this hike we will drive take 23/74 W towards Bryson city for about 40 miles to the turn or street of Fontana Dam. I stopped in the dam parking area and read the signs, learned about the area and plan to return … Continue reading Fontana Dam & Lake-shore Trail

Ranger Falls Waterfall Hike

Ranger Falls is a 30 ft set of falls on Skitty Creek. It’s a short 2.4 mile round trip hike worthy of your time! After .4 mile you’ll come to a fork in the trail, take the Left fork (downhill) to the falls. In approx. .6 miles the trail splits again, stay to the Right … Continue reading Ranger Falls Waterfall Hike