Panthertown Waterfall hike

I actually lost count! We did 7 or 8 waterfalls and made it home for dinner! Starting with Raven Rock, then Shower Falls, Mac’s, Pothole, Schoolhouse, Par and Glove falls in no order – you’ll have to discover them! Start with Raven Rock Falls: To get to Raven Rock Falls take 281 north from Hwy 64 a … Continue reading Panthertown Waterfall hike

Pink Beds Loop Hike

This 7 mile loop hike is all about water. You’ll see rare mountain bogs, including glimpses of some rare and endangered species of plants if you’re lucky. You’ll pass through a forest in transition, as beavers have dammed the South Fork Mills River to form their ponds, which are drowning out the trees. You’ll also … Continue reading Pink Beds Loop Hike