Turkey Pen road into Pisgah National Forest

Once you’ve parked, make sure you set your GPS if you have one and begin! The trail starts downward and Rooty, shady and fairly easy. Soon you’ll hear water to your left and you’ll come up on S. Mills river, look for the first footbridge to cross it and bear left at the next intersection … Continue reading Turkey Pen road into Pisgah National Forest

Glen Falls Hike – Highlands

We have been to Highlands numerous times! We’ve done a bunch of hikes including waterfall hikes up there. I say up there because it’s 4100 feet in elevation in town! However, this hike and the 106 west was the first time we stumbled on this. And a restaurant I’ll tell you about later. It was … Continue reading Glen Falls Hike – Highlands

Panthertown 8 Waterfall Hike

We will do 7 waterfalls and be home for dinner! Starting with Raven Rock, then Shower Falls, Mac’s, Pothole, Schoolhouse, Par and Glove falls in no order – you’ll have to discover them! Start with Raven Rock Falls: To get to Raven Rock Falls take 281 north from Hwy 64 a mile or so then veer off … Continue reading Panthertown 8 Waterfall Hike

Fontana Dam & Lake-shore Trail

If you’ve never been to Fontana Lake – it’s a must see! For this hike we will drive take 23/74 W towards Bryson city for about 40 miles to the turn or street of Fontana Dam. I stopped in the dam parking area and read the signs, learned about the area and plan to return … Continue reading Fontana Dam & Lake-shore Trail

Ranger Falls Waterfall Hike

Ranger Falls is a 30 ft set of falls on Skitty Creek. It’s a short 2.4 mile round trip hike worthy of your time! After .4 mile you’ll come to a fork in the trail, take the Left fork (downhill) to the falls. In approx. .6 miles the trail splits again, stay to the Right … Continue reading Ranger Falls Waterfall Hike

Dry Falls Hike

Dry Falls, a popular waterfall located a few miles outside of Highlands gives you the rare treat of walking safely behind a waterfall. This 75-foot tall waterfall in the Nantahala National Forest flows over an overhanging cliff, allowing you to walk behind the falls and stay dry (hence the name). During rainy spells when the water volume is higher, the spray will prevent you from staying totally dry. Continue reading Dry Falls Hike

Wesser Bald Hike Lookout Tower & Fire Station

Wesser Bald is located north of Franklin and south of the popular rafting area along the Nantahala River. We took a short 1.5 mile hike to the tower atop Wesser Bald, North Carolina, on the Appalachian Trail! You will see 360-degree mountain views of the Nantahala National Forest and the Great Smoky Mountains. The original … Continue reading Wesser Bald Hike Lookout Tower & Fire Station