Chestnut Branch Trail

The Chestnut Branch Trail is a great Smoky Mountain hike at 4.2 miles round trip. The trailhead can be found at the Big Creek Ranger Station, 2.3 miles from Interstate 40 exit 451. Once an old logging road, Chestnut Branch was home to around nine residents before the establishment of the Great Smoky Mountains National … Continue reading Chestnut Branch Trail

Ruff Butte Falls

Rough Butt Creek Falls is a pleasant, fairly easy hike to a picturesque, lesser-known waterfall. We started out along Ruff Butt Road through the community. You’ll pass driveways to several houses. Stay on a the rougher dirt road, soon the rocky road reaches a ford of Caney Fork. Take it wide near the left side … Continue reading Ruff Butte Falls

Pinnacle Park Loop Trail

This is a very challenging and difficult route, it has an elevation gain and drop of about 5000 feet! Expect a 5-6 hour hike. Of course at 5000 feet that’s 2500′ straight up the mountain, and 2500′ straight down. there’s an out and back trail at about the halfway point of the loop which will … Continue reading Pinnacle Park Loop Trail

Rough Creek Watershed Hike

We will hike thru the Rough Creek watershed, it sits in an elongated bowl at the south end of the Newfound Mountain complex north of Canton. While most of the valley is forested, meadows on adjacent private lands allow for fantastic views near the park’s upper west side. And while some of the terrain is … Continue reading Rough Creek Watershed Hike

Rattlesnake Lodge Hike

Hike to a beautiful overlook view and the ruins of Rattlesnake Lodge, a 1900s summer estate, following the Mountains to Sea Trail. 4 MILES (ROUND TRIP)RELATIVELY MODERATEJust off the Blue Ridge Parkway north of Asheville Compared to other view-packed hikes along the Blue Ridge Parkway near Asheville, this hike to Rattlesnake Lodge lacks the breathtaking … Continue reading Rattlesnake Lodge Hike

Bracken Mountain Preserve Loop

Flowing river and streams alongside the trails and a series of small cascading waterfalls we’ll hike mountain coves supporting an abundance of biodiversity. Bountiful wildlife, including newts, rat snakes, coyotes, foxes, wild turkeys, and black bears (hint: look out for claw marks on the trees!) OPTIONAL: Brewery after hike Distance: 5.5 Elevation Gain: 950 Difficulty: … Continue reading Bracken Mountain Preserve Loop

Crabtree Falls

The scenic 2.5-mile loop trail to Crabtree Falls is moderate for some rocky terrain. Hikers should allow 1.5 to 2.5 hours for the entire hike. From the trailhead in the parking lot behind the campground entrance, the trail descends .9 mile to the falls through a hickory forest.. At the base of the trail is … Continue reading Crabtree Falls

The Cowee Bald Lookout Tower

THIS IS COMING SOON Thru Whittier: VIEW IN GOOGLE MAPS :: Thru Franklin: VIEW IN GOOGLE MAPS :: The Cowee Bald lookout tower was originally built in 1933, making it one of the oldest remaining towers in the state. Considering its age, the tower is in surprisingly good condition. Cowee Bald is the … Continue reading The Cowee Bald Lookout Tower

Bradley Fork Trail

Welcome to the Bradley Fork Trail, it’s a 3.6 in and 3.6 out hike that keeps a gradual climb for its first 3 miles and gets a little steeper for the last 1 mile or so, as it twists around the Oconoluftee River. It’s considered an easy hike with only 680 feet of elevation gain. … Continue reading Bradley Fork Trail

Prospect Mountain Fireworks / Sunset Hike

Prospect Mountain is one of the most popular hikes in the Lake George Region at roughly three miles round trip. The trailhead is conveniently located in Lake George Village, and the summit features outstanding views of the lake and surrounding area. The Prospect Mountain trail begins on Smith Street in Lake George Village. From Exit … Continue reading Prospect Mountain Fireworks / Sunset Hike